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 5D Certified Quantum Healer Training Program

5D Healing Training is a transformative course that teaches you to harness the power of 5D consciousness for healing. 
Designed for all levels, from beginners to advanced healers, it offers hands-on learning, comprehensive tools, and a community of like-minded individuals.  

 Our comprehensive training program empowers you with the skills to become a certified quantum healer. 

Flexibility at Its Best: Embrace the freedom of working from home. Our training is designed for those seeking a lucrative and fulfilling career path, easily accessible from the comfort of your home.



🔮 Your 5D Certified Quantum THERAPIST Training Program :


🌠 MODULE ONE: Revive your 5D Consciousness Energy

  • What You Get: In-depth lessons on chakra healing, sacred sound therapy, energy blockages removal, elemental energies, quantum mechanics, and more.
    • Chi Energy, Crystallography, Types of Bodies, Quantum Therapy, etc.
  • Benefit: Unlock a balanced, high-vibrational life and develop a deep understanding of spiritual and holistic practices.

🌌 MODULE TWO: Become a Quantum Healer

  • What You Get: Learn scientific tools for energy measurement, dissolve fear and trauma, understand radiesthesia and radionics, and discover how to facilitate quantum leaps.
    • Radiesthesia, Quantum Entanglement, Pineal Gland Exercise, Pendulum usage, etc.
  • Benefit: Master the art and science of healing, preparing you to lead professional healing sessions and earn income. Empower others and yourself through transformative practices that impact various aspects of life

📘 Comprehensive Training Manual

  • What You Get: A detailed manual featuring protocols, best practices, and further reading to complement your course material.
  • Benefit: A handy reference that solidifies your learning and serves as a go-to guide for your healing practice.

💎 Certification Exam & Certificate

  • What You Get: A final certification exam and a prestigious 5D Certified Quantum Healer certificate upon successful completion.
  • Benefit: Earn credentials that make you stand out and attract clients who are looking for certified experts.

🌟 Exclusive Access to our Practitioner Community

  • What You Get: A lifetime membership to our private online community of fellow practitioners.
  • Benefit: Ongoing support, continued learning, and valuable networking opportunities.


For everyone that's on this beautiful path, I met Lu when I was at my lowest.

I leaned in .. into my HEART!

Lu guided me, and I trusted her.

I will never be able to put in words how my life has transitioned.

I am a healer - Lu told me, and I believed her! She reminded me of who I AM.

Lu taught me, helped me to see!

My name is Janaris Lambright and I'm Lu's 1st student and graduate.

I'm walking in my divine purpose!

Janaris Lambright

About me

Meet Luciana L. Leite

Luciana L. is a life coach, trainer, healer, author, and entrepreneur. Having been through innumerable challenges in her life, right from a tough childhood, depression, anxiety, and bad relationships, Lu L. took it upon herself to lend a helping to all those in need – people who are stuck in life, bogged down with the challenges they face, and utterly lost and confused about how to go from where they are to where they want to be. In this journey, she discovered her rare gift – the ability to heal others – and so she fully committed to empowering people to live a healthy, happy, meaningful, and fulfilled life.

Through her books, trainings, teachings, and private consultations, Luciana is crafting positive change for the better and making the world a better place, one individual at a time. She currently holds the following certifications and recognitions: Certified Life Coach, Certified Mindset Trainer for Adults and Children, Certified Children’s Meditation Teacher, Certified Master in Reiki, Certified Hoʻoponopono Practitioner, Certified Quantum Therapist, Certified Psychotherapist, Certified Akashic Record Healer, and Certified Arcturian Multidimensional Healer

I choose to heal, and FULFILL MY MISSION AS A HELAER


🎁 Bonus: Three 1-on-1 Coaching Calls with a Master Healer

  • What You Get: Three 1-on-1 coaching sessions to answer any questions and help fine-tune your skills.
  • Benefit: Personalized guidance and mentorship to ensure you're applying the techniques effectively.



Limited Time Offer: Enroll now, and get a Deep Healing Session with Lu                  $155—absolutely FREE!

I choose to have a Quantum Leap session, and learn how to become a professional healer

Imagine being able to gently and lovingly guide yourself through every challenge in a way that gives you strength, confidence, and peace.

Imagine having the tools to help family and loved ones with their own challenges, providing them with comfort and safety whenever they need it.

What if accepting your natural healing abilities and learning how to use them to their full potential allows you to free yourself from the corporate grind and devote your life to the betterment of humanity?

You may have been under the false impression that those with spiritual gifts should offer them freely. That they are there for the benefit of others and it would be selfish to charge for them. But let me ask you this; how many people can you actually offer your gifts to if all of your time and energy are absorbed trying to make ends meet in a job that drains and depresses you?

Your gift isn’t just here to help others, it’s here to help you too. When you charge for your healing, it can become a full-time career.

Just think how many people you can help then!

Begin Your Healing Career Today

Everything is going soo good, I really LOVE your training!! This is the best training I’ve ever taken It lights my soul up everyday.

It’s like you’re piecing all of the puzzle pieces together from all the self healing I did & now you’re putting it all into words so we can help others, it’s truly magical!! My heart is soo grateful, happy & blessed to be training with you.

Tory Pereira

In the 5D Healing Training you will receive:

Lifetime access to 113 training videos that will fully equip you to heal yourself, heal others, and turn your gift into a successful career that can change the world.

Before starting your course I wanted to understand deeper how to truly heal myself and was curious about the 5D. I felt so beginner and didn’t know where to start with everything! After starting your course the information is now fully available to me, it was everything I was looking to understand and more! Not only through information but actually applying it and validating myself and my experiences! My growth has accelerated as I’ve been trying to understand my own energy for years and after starting the course it’s only taken me a couple of weeks to truly feel and know that I have it within me! The support you provide alongside the course has helped me stay accountable and supported. I literally feel the love and belief you have in me and I honestly believe I was meant to meet you, you are such a light! You give your time and energy to me and it’s like no other support I’ve ever had when doing a course before!

The weekly Q&As bring this experience even more to life and I feel held and supported, especially practicing together and meeting other people doing the same thing and seeing where they are on their journey is so cool! This course plus showing up every day for myself and the support from you, has resulted in crazy leaps that I questioned would ever even be achievable for me! I couldn’t recommend this course enough! From a complete beginner this is just the perfect course that includes everything I needed and more 💗 so thank you so so much 🙏🏼

Lydia Kennedy

By the end of this course, you will have everything you need to begin working as a professional healer and earning money from your life-changing gifts!



All that’s left is a choice.

A choice to stay in self-doubt.

To keep believing that your gifts don’t get to benefit you.

To commit your life to a job that lowers your vibration and keeps your Soul a prisoner.

Or you can choose freedom.

You can choose your purpose.

You can choose to accept your mission and offer your gifts to as many people as possible, stepping up to your part in the awakening of humanity and the evolution of Planet Earth.


When you choose you. You’ll finally be home.


Come Home. Unleash Your Healing Today

love, Luciana Leite

Our Unwavering 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We understand that diving into the realm of Quantum Healing is a significant investment—not just of your money, but also of your time and spiritual energy. That's why we want to make this decision as easy and risk-free for you as possible.

Here's Our Promise:

Enroll in our Certified Quantum Healing Training program and immerse yourself in the course material. Take the time to really engage with the teachings, practice the techniques, and even interact with your fellow students in our exclusive community forum.

If, within 30 days, you don't feel a transformative shift in your understanding of Quantum Healing—if you don't experience clearer intuition, heightened spiritual awareness, or a noticeable improvement in your healing capabilities—simply send us an email to request a full refund. No questions asked.

Why Are We So Confident?

We have seen countless students go through this program and come out the other side as changed individuals. They’ve manifested abundance, deepened their spiritual connections, and some have even started their own successful healing practices. We’re so confident in the caliber of this training that we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is.

Transparency and Integrity

Our guarantee is a testament to the effectiveness of our program and our commitment to your spiritual journey. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency and integrity, and we want you to feel completely secure in your decision to join us.

Your Path to Transformation Is Risk-Free

This is your opportunity to explore the depths of Quantum Healing with zero risks. Try the program, and if it’s not everything you hoped it would be, you’ll get every penny back. It’s as simple as that.

So go ahead, make the leap into the quantum realm. Your journey towards becoming a Certified Quantum Healer starts here, and it's backed by our no-risk, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

In Light and Love, [Your Name] Certified Quantum Healing Trainer and Enthusiast

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